Update to the sshmap opensource project

The sshmap parallel ssh mapper open source project has been updated.  The latest update adds the following:

Hostlists module (determine host to ssh/operate on) updates

  • Significant code cleanups in the hostlists python module and the plugins
  • Now supports configuration options for individual plugins (currently used for web status authentication settings for the haproxy plugin)
  • Added new plugins for common types of hostlist sources (Now supports local files, range expressions, dns/reverse dns, and haproxy).
  • Plugins now support filtering, I.E host selection by hosts serving or not serving traffic.
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Linux HA Cluster fencing script for the Digital Loggers Web Power switch has been found

I found the Linux HA/Cluster stonith fencing driver for the Digital Loggers Web Power switch that I wrote back in 2009.  I cleaned it up and added it to the dlipower github repo.  It is also in the newer python dlipower module builds on pypi.python.org so can easily be installed using the python easy_install or pip utilities.

If you’re looking to build a Linux HA cluster on the cheap, or try clustered filesystems like GFS that require fencing.  The Digital Loggers Webpowerswitch is probably the least expensive stonith device (8 network controlled power outlets for $119) on the market.


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Found another useful old script to tune nfs settings

I recently committed a script for tuning nfs servers.

The updated source is in my github repository

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Digital Loggers power switch python bindings have been updated

I recently updated the python bindings to manage a Digital Loggers web power switch. New in this version:

  • Switched to using the python standard library web functions, eliminating the dependency on the pycurl python module to operate.
  • Added support for storing common settings such as the power switch hostname, username and password in a configuration file.

The updated source is in my github repository and python packages are in the pypi python repository.

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